Our Lab

In recent years, a turn has been seen in more and more people towards natural products, less processed and, the most importantly, free of substances dangerous to human health. This was in fact our motivation to deal with the processing of our olive oil on handmade soaps and natural cosmetics.

In our laboratory there is all of our creativity and passion for what we do.
In our inox barrels we store our oil with reverence so that it retains all of its ingredients, essential to our body and skin.
In the kitchen of our lab (deceptive from nature's scents every recipe is prepared.
We straighten our oranges, prepare the rose water from our roses, grind the chocolate grains and mix the magical materials that nature offers to us and make our soaps bars and cosmetics.

In our magical space we create all our products from zero.

Using the cold soap-making method after making them, we wait to take our soap out of its mold and place it on the special shelves to dry and to be ready for use.

Organically consistent and responsible production process of its products the Oleum is our commitment to all of you who make your choices in terms of quality, but also looking at production conditions.