Our Inspiration

Πηγή έμπνευσής μας το ελαιόλαδό μας…

Since ancient times oil has been considered a gift. Even Homer had given him the name Gold Liquid

The therapeutic benefits of olive oil were first revealed by Hippocrates, the father of Contemporary Medicine. She has written over 60 therapeutic uses of olive oil, for chronic fever, wounds, tooth problems, and for the overall increase in oral hygiene and eye health. Honoring the olive oil, he named this precious ingredient, the Great Therapist.

Another common use was the massage with olive oil, trying to prevent any injuries, reducing the accumulation of lactic acid and relieving muscle fatigue.

At Oleum we use our pure, natural, olive oil production to create soap of incredible quality. Olive oil, rich in squalene, naturally bioactive, oleasin and oleaginol, is a triple action: soothing, antioxidant and anti-aging. It nourishes, moisturizes and protects your skin from irritations such as oxidative stress.