Every morning you wake up, start your day with a glass of cool water. A natural need but also a hygienic habit that you must definitely include in your daily routine. So why not apply the same to your skin? Take your winter needs and offer everything you need in the right days.

Moisture is essential for good skin health, so hydration is probably the most important step in care, as it helps keep it soft and supple.Οleum products due to olive oil offer extra flexibility.

Do not forget the following steps:

  1. Drink plenty of water, is good for the body in general. Even better if it's metallic, because it offers salt and trace minerals that you need.
  2. Use if you want the special brush or even a towel to scrub the face. But be careful to always be meticulously washed with lukewarm water. Something else, scrub only when the skin needs it.
  3. Always protect your skin from the sun and air. Use broadband sunscreen when you go skiing or are in the snow.
  4. Get the habit of washing your face with cold water, leaning the pores and giving shine and tonicity.
  5. Regularly hydrate your face when it is cold, so it does not dry out and peel off.
  6. Take care of the enclosed spaces. Air condition and heating generally dry out the atmosphere and absorb moisture from the skin. Keep your thermostat as low as possible and place small bowls of water next to the body. They will act as atmospheric humidifiers.
  7. Sometimes allow your skin to breathe without makeup, so it also facilitates the natural removal of dead cells.
  8. Get exercise, it helps to improve the circulation system, so the skin looks healthy and stimulated by taking the ingredients it needs.
  9. Get more sleep. Your skin needs sleep relaxation because the evening hours are the most productive for the renewal of the cells. It is the time when the skin works intensively to meet its needs and repair its damage.
  10. Maintain alcohol consumption in reasonable or reduced frames. Alcohol dehydrates the whole body.
  11. Leave your pimples alone! You create transfusions and you will not find your face clean.
  12. Relax. Stress and tension make your skin more greasy and the wrinkles more intense.

Remember: Your laugh make you beautiful and sweeter every wrinkle.